Veritas CFO Services


Every business needs to always be looking ahead through budgeting and planning. At some point, maybe it was all in your head or scribbled in a notebook. We can formalize your forecasting without losing your personal touch.

Cash-flow Management

It can be complicated keeping track of revenue and bills. How much of this, how much to that – and when for all of it? At some point in a growing business, you need to leave this to skilled finance professionals to make sure you’re making payroll, paying suppliers on time and keeping the lights on.

Profit Analysis

When making growth plans, a business needs a detailed breakdown of its income and expenses. Then an analysis plays through various scenarios to provide the data needed to make the smart moves.

Growth Funding

Businesses often find they need to finance their growth through options like equity and debt funding. You need certified experts to help you determine which borrowing options are right for you.

Fee Structure


We offer personalized pricing based on your needs. That can mean working together on a longtime contract, a case-by-case basis, or anything in between. We can structure our fees:

  • For ongoing or long-term service;
  • For a specific project or a grouping of services;
  • Or by the hour or month.

Georgia roots with national experience.
Servicing the Southeast.

Do you need expert help with your growing company’s finances – but you’re not ready to pay a big salary for a full-time CFO?