Poor cash-flow management kills 25% of small businesses

Veritas CFO

Growth is good, but you need to manage the numbers right to make payroll and implement smart plans. Veritas CFO knows transportation and logistics, with background in these industries and more.

  • Developed financial plans and fleet management models for transportation companies
  • Established growth funding for local industrial service businesses
  • Served industrial services, manufacturing and logistics businesses

I’ve seen small and medium-sized companies fail to grow like they should because they didn’t plan right. They thought since they couldn’t afford a full-time CFO, they would just try to wing it. That’s why I started Veritas. Nothing makes me happier than helping a good business grow right.

Matthew D. Clark


What is Veritas CFO?

The word "veritas" means "trust" in Latin. "CFO" stands for "chief financial officer." We chose our name to display both our integrity and our expertise.

That’s what you get when you partner with Veritas CFO.

And we designed our logo to reflect those two qualities, as well as the collaboration of your company and ours. It’s like two strong halves aligning to forge a solid core for the smart growth for your business.

Do you need expert help with your growing company’s finances – but you’re not ready to pay a big salary for a full-time CFO?

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